The ARIS project acknowledges that long-term unemployment is at record levels across the European Union, and that the task of finding a job is extremely difficult as ‘old jobs’ now require ‘new’ skills. This project is about promoting and developing the concept of an ‘encore career’, where long-term unemployed persons in the age 35 to 50 year old bracket, can access re-training opportunities that add new skills that are in sync with todays' knowledge intensive economy, thus helping them to launch their careers at a higher-skilled, more sustainable level. 

5 Key competency areas that will enable long-term unemployed to reintegrate into the workforce include the following:

  •  Learning to learn
  •  Digital competence
  •  Social and civic competence
  •  Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
  •  Cultural awareness and expression

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5 modules have been developed, these will enable the long-term unemployed to reintegrate back into the workforce. The key areas are: Learning to learn, Digital competence, Social and civic competence, Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and Cultural awareness and expression. To access these module, create a FREE account now. 


Find below the latest resources and research being done within the scope of the project. From time to this page is updated, however you can visit the Resources tab for a full list of resources available.

ResourceResearch Report

Summary research report on key competences for re integration to the Labor Market - Spanish


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